To those just discovering Tailgate Revival, welcome to the party. To those ready to find out more about this high-energy country band, Welcome back!

In September 2016, frontman Blake Billman stepped onto the stage for the band’s first gig, feeling nervous and not quite convinced that they could impress the Saturday night crowd at one of Evansville, Indiana’s most popular music venues. However, the audience had other ideas. Tailgate Revival filled a long-empty gap in Evansville’s entertainment scene, catering to a city with a lot of country fans and not much country music. Tailgate Revival has gained a large and loyal following of fans since their high-octane debut, commonly known as #Tailgaters. Thanks to their support, the demand continues to grow for their talents.

After conquering the music scene in their hometown of Evansville, Tailgate Revival has become a popular regional music act. You can catch them at major venues across Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio; playing originals and covering Country hits by Aldean, Shelton, Stapleton, Strait, Brooks, Diffie, Keith, and many more from the 90’s to today.

Frontman Blake Billman brings the vocals, accompanied by lead guitarist Curt Leek, bassist and virtuoso Jared Majors-Manley, ace drummer Bryce Taylor, and Brad Lemmons doubling on rhythm guitar and background vocals. Now sponsored by Coors Light, the boys are ready to take the show on the road and bring country music to the people. Check the Upcoming Shows section to see where you can catch Tailgate Revival next. If interested in booking Tailgate Revival, please complete the Booking and Contact form. To learn even more about the men behind the music, go read up on The Boys themselves.

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